About This Site


An Independent Catholic Church

  This website is a tool to learn about the catholic (little “c”) and the Catholic (big C) church, and with that- much of general Christianity. However, what is included within is of course just the very basics of Catholicism and church history. 

This site is not part of the “Catechism of the Catholic Church”, which is a guide on truths and dogma put forth by the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), most recently in 1992. The owners and managers of this website are not representing the RCC in any fashion.  


 First, some quick definitions on the word “catholic”.

 catholic with a small “c” means “universal”. The catholic church is the UNIVERSAL church. What that means exactly is a bit complicated, and has been argued by various Christian denominations for many centuries. 

Catholic with an upper-case “C” is defined as the “Catholic Church”, which certainly includes the Catholic Church based out of Rome (the RCC).  


In addition, there are other “Catholic” churches which exist outside the bounds and jurisdiction of Rome or the Pope. For example, the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC). 

Another is referred to as the Old Catholic Church (OCC). Most Americans, be it Roman Catholic or Protestant, have never heard of the OCC. This site will explain the basics of this realm of Catholicism, and why and how it exists. 

NOTE: This website is not specific to any particular OCC church/ parish/ diocese.